Hi, I'm Gonzalo Docal

Frontend Developer

A specialist in technology, programming and design specialist with a deep passion for frontend development. I excel in turning complex ideas into innovative digital solutions, combining technical precision with creative design. My diverse experience in programming allows me to deliver
top-tier results, enhancing my clients' digital presence. I strive to create not just a product, but a unique user experience. If you value commitment, adaptability, and continuous improvement, I'm ready to rise to the challenge. Let's explore the boundless possibilities of technology together.

About Me

Frontend Developer!

I am Gonzalo Docal, a specialist in technology, programming, and design. I transform ideas into innovative and efficient digital solutions, merging technical precision and creativity. With experience in multiple programming languages and design, I deliver high-quality results to strengthen my clients' digital presence and performance. My goal is more than just delivering a product, it's creating a unique experience. If you're looking for commitment, adaptability, and constant improvement, I'm ready for the challenge. Contact me and together we'll explore the endless possibilities technology offers us.

My Journey



Self-Taught Developer and Designer

I have embarked on a self-taught journey to master various programming languages and design skills. I have gained experience in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, among others. Additionally, I have knowledge in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. My focus is on continuously improving my skills and applying them to challenging projects to create technically sound and visually appealing solutions.


ProgramaciĆ³n JAVA SE - Core Networks

Certified in Oracle's Java SE 8 Programming course, equipped with strong Java fundamentals, object-oriented programming, data manipulation, control structures, and efficient algorithm implementation skills. Ready to deliver quality Java solutions.

2022 - 2023

Front-end Developer React JS - Coderhouse

Holding a degree as a Front-end Developer specializing in React JS, I possess extensive experience using this powerful JavaScript library to design and build interactive and efficient user interfaces.


Master Big Data & Business Intelligence - ISEB

Holding a Master's degree in Big Data & Business Intelligence, I have honed skills in analyzing large data sets and leveraging insights to make strategic business decisions.


Community Management - UNED

With proficiency in Community Management, I've developed strong capabilities in building, nurturing, and managing online communities to enhance brand awareness, engagement, and customer loyalty.


2020 - 2023

Web Developer - Freelance

I am a freelance web developer specialized in React, with experience in creating modern and dynamic web applications. My main focus is using the React framework along with Node.js to develop interactive and efficient user interfaces. I have strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript, and I am familiar with using JSON, Ajax, and Node.js to enhance functionality and communication in my projects. Additionally, I have knowledge of Git and GitHub for version control and collaborative development. I also have experience in developing responsive and mobile-friendly web applications. As a freelance web developer, I am passionate about working on challenging projects and closely collaborating with clients to meet their goals and deliver high-quality solutions.

2021 - 2023

Sales Account Manager - Wavecom

Experienced Team Leader with expertise in sales, marketing, report generation, and presentations. Skilled in creating effective business strategies and maintaining strong commercial relationships with clients. Offering valuable commercial support to sales networks and adept at fostering government relations. Proven ability to develop new business opportunities with existing clients and identify areas for improvement to consistently meet sales quotas.

2020 - 2021

Account Manager - Artica SL

Experienced professional with a strong background in marketing, e-commerce, report generation, and presentations. Skilled in creating effective business strategies and developing and maintaining solid relationships with suppliers. Offering valuable commercial support to their sales network and expertise in UX design for applications. Proven ability to develop new business opportunities with existing clients and identify areas of improvement to consistently meet sales quotas.

My Skills

Coding Skills







Professional Skills

Web Development


Graphic Design

Time management and organization

Teamwork and communication

Continuous learning

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